Finding the Truth Beyond the Facts

March 21, 2017

Management scholar Peter Drucker didn’t trust facts. He believed they were a red herring in the decision making process and that leaders who needed to make important decisions were better served by first asking for […]

Embracing Change in 2017

December 22, 2016

Years ago, I was at an airport walking on a people mover between gates. In front of me, a young woman with a toddler struggled to hold the boy’s hand. He kept pulling away with […]

Super Tips for Leading a Meaningful Life

August 12, 2016

A Southwest Airlines jet was taxiing to the runway when a flight attendant approached passenger Peggy Uhle with an urgent message to call her husband. The pilot turned the plane around and headed back to […]

Examine Your Values and Dream Your Future

July 19, 2016

Throughout the course of history, the concept of self-knowledge has been a hot topic. From Plato and Socrates to Maslow and Myers-Briggs, the idea of knowing who we are has been thought about and analyzed […]

4 Stages to Great Transformation

May 3, 2016

I love butterflies. They know exactly when to leave the safety and comfort of their cocoons to fly freely into the world to show off all their beauty. It’s not so easy for humans. Transforming […]

The Benefits of a 48 Hour Work Week

April 12, 2016

97 years ago today Britain introduced a 48 hour work week and a national minimum wage. This change was put forward by the National Industrial Conference of 1919. A conference strongly supported by the post-war […]

The Impact of a $1 Membership

April 5, 2016

169 years ago today Birkenhead Park in Merseyside, England opened to the public. It was designed by Joseph Paxton and was the first publicly funded park in the world. It’s absolutely beautiful and tranquil place […]

Engage and Embrace Your Natural Curiosity

March 27, 2016

171 years ago today Wilhelm Roentgen was born. He was a professor of physics who accidentally made a discovery that changed the world and contributed to the advancement of many fields, most importantly medicine. While […]

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