Embracing Change in 2017

Years ago, I was at an airport walking on a people mover between gates. In front of me, a young woman with a toddler struggled to hold the boy’s hand. He kept pulling away with the stubbornness only a two-year old can muster. Finally, she gave up. As soon as she let go, he wobbled and, unable to reconcile his feet with the moving belt, fell down face first. Stunned, he looked up at her, not sure whether or not to cry.

Then the woman did an unusual thing. She laughed. Some of the others on the people mover looked at her like she was crazy. The boy, however, began laughing and figured out how to stand up. Then he took her hand and they continued their journey.

Change is all around us. Personal. Professional. Political. Some of it may feel like you toppled over on a people mover. The key to moving through it with ease and a smile is to surround yourself with people who don’t sound the alarm when change happens. Who will see the positives in the situation and help you navigate it with confidence.

Had that woman at the airport bent over, clucking with concern, the boy would’ve felt her worry and responded accordingly. Because she chose to laugh, to see it as a folly rather than a tragedy, he did too. That child learned a valuable lesson that day without even realizing it.

When change occurs in your life, who do you go to for conversation and advice? It’s important to know who you trust to support and guide you since change in 2017 in inevitable. You don’t want someone in your inner circle who immediately assumes the sky is falling. Instead, surround yourself with people who will find the silver linings. By learning how to do that it in your life, you become that person for others.

Finding your footing during change is a key leadership quality and one that I address in the second book of The Changemaker Series, due out in 2017. In the meantime, you might enjoy
Australian thought leader, Jason Clarke, giving a TedX talk about embracing change.

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