Super Tips for Leading a Meaningful Life

A Southwest Airlines jet was taxiing to the runway when a flight attendant approached passenger Peggy Uhle with an urgent message to call her husband. The pilot turned the plane around and headed back to the gate where the flight attendant gently escorted Peggy off the plane.

Peggy called her husband, who told her that their son had slipped into a coma after suffering a traumatic brain injury. After she hung up, Peggy discovered Southwest employees had already booked her on the next flight to Denver, where he was hospitalized.

The airline provided her a private waiting area, allowed her to board first and even packed her a lunch. They also transferred her luggage to the new flight and delivered it to her hotel. All without any additional fees.

Why? Because having a “Servant’s Heart” is at the center of Southwest’s Values. They not only post their Values on their web site, they practice them. Every day.

Do you know what your Values are? Are you aware of what is important to you that drives the way you live and work? It’s important to know because Values help you make the decisions that create and guide your life. They can sometimes be a little tricky to identify, staying hidden until we do the work that shines the light on them.

Before you begin to define your values, it may be helpful to discover what the VIA Institute, a non-profit based in Cleveland, OH, calls your Character Strengths. They’ve developed a survey that places the 24 Character Strengths we all possess into one of six Virtue categories: Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence.

VIA believes that skillfully applying your Character Strengths can have a significantly positive impact on your life. You can take the Character Strength survey and get your own profile here (link for hyperlink:

Becoming aware of these Strengths will kick start insights about who you are right now and fan the flames of excitement about your potential. If there are strengths you want to possess that you don’t in this moment, you can work toward developing them.

Perhaps life has been stressful lately and Gratitude, which is actually both a Character Strength and a Value, has slipped down the list. Using tools like this help you realize areas of your life you may want to improve. It’s also a great way to prime yourself to learn more about Values.

If you’re ready to identify your Values, join me at the encore presentation of Examine Your Values and Dream Your Future on Saturday, August 27th from 12n-3p PST. This online workshop helps you to dig deep to discover your own Values so you can create a life that truly reflects them. Don’t wait any longer to take the next step! Learn more and register here

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  1. I’m sitting at my computer reading your article and I know what I need to do (that will be in accordance with my values) but the temptation to go down a rabbit hole and search on the internet is oh, so very strong. However, I know that every time I satisfy that craving is a missed opportunity to choose my highest value and strengthen that choosing muscle.

    Thanks for being there for me virtually. I’ll just get started and see how I go.

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