Engage and Embrace Your Natural Curiosity

March 27, 2016

171 years ago today Wilhelm Roentgen was born. He was a professor of physics who accidentally made a discovery that changed the world and contributed to the advancement of many fields, most importantly medicine. While […]

Innovative Ways to Spread Information

March 22, 2016

According to several almanacs and online references, the Gutenberg Bible was published 559 years ago today. There is evidence to dispute the date, but the importance of the printing process of this first mass-produced book […]

How to Find Inner Genius

March 14, 2016

Albert Einstein was born 137 years ago today. We remember him as a genius; someone with exceptional intellectual or other natural ability. The ancient romans believed all men were accompanied by genius from their birth […]

Life 132 Years in the Future

March 8, 2016

132 years ago today Susan B. Anthony addressed the U.S. House Judiciary committee arguing for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting women the right to vote in the USA. 132 years ago there were […]